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Renny Masmada

April 2nd, 2014 at 8:20 pm

Gajah Mada Living History

June 21st, 2011 at 5:44 pm

Nagarakretagama description of Gajah Mada

gmNET3336 Gajah Mada living history

Nagarakretagama description of gajah mada

(I reload this article, with the intention that there is seriousness to realize how much we‘ve had the great script ever written by a son of the nation, in this country.)

By Renny Masmada


Book Nagarakretagama is the great literary works written by great writers Empu Prapanca, a Buddhist priest from Majapahit, composing up to the year 1365.

Nagarakretagama was first discovered in the palace Cakranegara, Lombok, with text written in letters of Bali.

In July 1978, began to found Nagarakretagama manuscript in several places in Bali: the area Amlapura (Karang Asem), in Geria Pidada in Klungkung and two more manuscripts in Geria Carik Sideman.

The one in Amlapura, owned by a teacher, on the first page written wawacan Java, meaning that the contents of the text deals with the history of Java (Majapahit).

First published in Balinese character, then translated by H. Kern with some information from N. J. Krom. Pigeaud also publishes Nagarakretagama by title: Java in the Fourteenth Century, consists of five volumes. Slamet Mulyana also publishes this Nagarakretagama.

From then 98 chapters and 384 verses, Gajah Mada is only mentioned in ten verses, among others:

“To the northeast is residence of Gajah Mada, primary Patih (Minister) from Majapahit, a minister of the officer, in a wise and honest leadership and devotion to the king, eloquent and incisive speech, respectful, calm, firm stance, agile and does not hesitate in action, the superintendent of the king’s palace and securing the highest glory of the king as ruler of the world. ” (Nagarakretagama 04/12: 10).

“There is a residence where a Buddhist, that is Madakaripura, praised its beauty, the residence of the king granted to the minister Gajah Mada, a resting place is very organized and decorated, to review, (they) go through Trasungai, bathing in Capahan and held a prayer .” (Nagarakretagama 19.2:17)

Salam Nusantara..!

Renny Masmada

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